Nothing can be more enchanting than the wild untouched and uncorrupted beauty of Africa. This is the main reason why an African desert safari could be the closest to perfection when it comes to choosing a vacation. The African Safari has entertainment, grandeur, majesty, surprises, nature’s beauty and fun too. If you are worried about the hardships, there are not any with the many luxury safari deals that you can get. These deals will ensure you get the best of every single pound spent, something you cannot ensure on your own due to lack of knowledge about the best destinations be it Kenya or Tanzania.

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The Safari Holidays can be, as per your choice, either a Kili Safari or a Thorn Tree Safari. Both have their own fun and attractions. The Kili Safari is for a shorter vacation as the itinerary of this form of African Safari is small but packed with entertainment. It mostly includes an overview of the wildlife in Kenya and nothing could be a more exciting prospect than that. This is also ideal for a family on safari holidays as the lodges do not place restrictions on age and there are many buses available for the private use of the families. However, it is not just about the wild and the fearsome. You can spend some delightful moments on the gorgeous beaches of Mombasa.

The next destination in the Kili Safari would be Amboseli, a place made famous by the magnanimous Mt.Kilimanjaro. This stunning view is suitable complemented by the many different species of mammal and as many as 400 species of birds which inhabit the region. The wild jungles are not too far away with cheetahs, lions and herds of elephants roaming fearlessly across the plains. desert safari

Lake Naivasha, which is a freshwater lake, is another destination worth a visit, especially if you are with family, friends and kids, who can enjoy cycling and horse-riding along with watching 450 different species of birds which frequent the lake. The icing on this African safari vacation has to be Masai Mara which is well known for its wildlife theaters. It is one place where one can find each of the big five comprising of lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and the buffaloes. Besides, it is also the venue for the annual wildebeest migration, a gorgeous spectacle and a snapshot of a lifetime.

Kenya is famous for its virgin, sandy white beaches that extend for almost 500km. The general packages offered to tourists in a Kenya Safari include a 1 night taster or a 7 night big five safari which will ensure you will get dangerously close to the most majestic creatures on earth. If you want a day or two of relaxation, you could enjoy the landscaped gardens and the emerald green waters at Sun n Sand beach resort which would cost you just 830 pounds for a 14 night stay. If you want to spend your time in a romantic setting in a quiet cottage by the woods, the Tijara beach cottage provide the ideal ambiance at very affordable prices.